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 Official Clan Activities Thread

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PostSubject: Official Clan Activities Thread   Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:32 pm

I'm Fndmntlkmkz (Fnd for short) And i'm the Event Coordinator to keep things active and fun! Just a Reminder, when we go as a group lets wear the Clan Cape so we get noticed, and the Clan World is World 39.

so far some of the ideas brought up include:
Barbarian Assault teams- sign up here for a team and time to do waves in Barbarian Assault together. If more than enough people for one team want to go then have a race!
Agility Course Races- sign up here with what arena, time and participants of who wants to go
Crafter's heaven- comprise two teams, one to kill dragons, and a team of runners, runners collect dhides and bones and store in bank, and bring food to dragon killing team, at the end split total inventory of bones among all players and hides among crafters!
Dungeneering teams and races- coordinate teams for dungeneering here.
Questing- if you want to do a quest come here to see if anyone else would like to join you, rock the clan cape while you're at it! or if you need a break from what you're doing, check to see if anyone's questing and tag along!
House Parties!- always a good time, especially for new members to get to see everyone
Barrows Runs- of course it's more fun with clanmates

Events For Recruiting
Fight Pits- self explanatory, kick some ass!
Castle Wars- Same As Above
Pest Control
Warrior's Guild- on the quest for that dragon defender? lets all go together and attract some attention!
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Official Clan Activities Thread
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