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 hints and tips

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PostSubject: hints and tips   Sat May 28, 2011 2:24 pm

important quests for optimal growth!

-guthix tears once a week free exp! it is widely overlooked sadly. but the quest is easy. and free exp in your lowest skill is awsome!

-miscellania manage your own kingdom and get raw resources from your workers! (dont forget to pay them!) there are two quests you need to do to maximize your profits. the first being "kingdom of miscellania" this quest unlocks the ability to manage and control the island. the second quest "royal trouble" gives you 5 extra workers to place and slave away for your benefit!

-daily task rewards simple enough, some task rewards allow you to collect free items once per day! get off your ass and go get them! i.e. free flax from geoffrey in seers village.

-daily money shanagins such as buying your daily allowance of battlestaffs from naff by varrock west bank. and selling them on ge. it takes 2 seconds and you profit 23k!
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hints and tips
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